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jewellery awards
Cedric Jones has been working with precious metals, fine gemstones and cultured pearls since he originally founded his Company in 1976. The Company began as a family business working from home until rapid success and expansion obliged Cedric to find bigger premises. It was at this stage that he decided to try some retailing as well as manufacturing his home-grown designs. The Company had changed from being solely an importer of high quality Continental jewellery to becoming a manufacturer of individually designed British made products. These designs were marketed not only in the United Kingdom but exported to many countries around the world.

Today, although partly retired, Cedric concentrates on what he has always done best - designing and making - albeit on a small scale. He still enjoys an excellent reputation for both design and quality manufacture within the jewellery industry. Over the years he has gained several prestigious Jewellery Awards. In 1994: Best Design in Gold - UK. In 1995: Best Design in Gold - UK. In 1995 also, Finalist for Best Designer - UK. In 2003: Finalist for Best Designer - UK

So, still employing modern techniques, such as CAD design and laser welding, Cedric maintains his professional interest and dedication to design of high quality manufacture and continues to produce innovative designs.
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Cedric Jones
Jewellery designer and maker